5 Unconventional Uses of Pepper


Pepper is harvested from the dried fruit of the Piperaceae family of flowering vines. The pepper plant is native to the Indian sub continent where it is known as kali mirch. It is a main ingredient used to spice up all common preparation. The word pepper is derived into the English language from Greek, which on its part traces its etymological evidence from Tamil. Vietnam produces more than 33% of the world’s total outcrop of pepper. The medicinal benefits of pepper have been mentioned in a number of ancient texts from across the world.

In this issue of our daily publication, we however bring for your information some weird and unconventional uses of pepper. Read on ahead about these 5 unconventional uses of pepper.


Weird Application of Pepper


Nasal Decongestant

Black pepper corn is an excellent alternative cure for nasal congestion. Add an extra helping of pepper to your daily diet and rid yourself from over the counter medication. The zing in the spice is a potent decongestant for your nasal chambers.  


Retains Bright Colors on Clothes

One of the main attraction of new garments is their fresh bright colors. Depending on the quality of the dye on the fabric, the colors start to fade with repeated washing. Add a spoon full of pepper to your wash bucket in order to retain the bright colors of your new clothes for a longer time.

Disinfectant for Plants

Colonies of bugs and insects can prove to be a real menace for gardening enthusiasts. By eating into your plants they not only spoil the aesthetics but may be eating into your actual produce. Mix black pepper powder with wheat starch and sprinkle it around the plants. The bugs are compelled to look for new neighborhood.

Save Crops from Herbivores

Herbivores like cows, horses and deer are yet another source of trouble as far as gardens and vegetable patches are concerned. Spray or brush a solution of pepper in water on the leaves of the plants to keep away menacing herbivores from them.

Safe Disinfectant for Kitchen

Ants and roaches are a regular problem for all functional kitchens. Sprinkle some pepper in the areas such as corners and crevices where these insects are most likely to be spotted. It is a safe alternative when compared to chemical based sprays.


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