Amazing Benefits of Cloves for Healthy Skin

cloves for skin

From the Spice Islands - Indonesia

Laung, what clove is known as in Hindi, is a hot and sweet spice which could be easily distinguished by its aesthetic symmetrical appearance, distinct fragrance and sharp, pungent taste. The whole spice is obtained from the dried, flowering bud of an evergreen shrub from the myrtle family. The tree is originally native to the spice islands of Indonesia and is mostly cultivated as a cash crop in regions of south east Asia.

 Cloves bear a host of medicinal properties which have a beneficial effect on your overall health. In this publication, we present to you a concise list of healthy benefits of cloves for your skin. Read on ahead and experience the goodness of nature delivered to your doorstep by Prakrti. You could also find us at Amazon India.

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Cloves for a Healthy Skin:

 Treatment of Acne: The essential oil of clove is known to be helpful in the treatment of Acne. It brings about the sensation of a cold burn on the affected area and thus prevents the spreading of the bacterial infection. The potent anti-microbial properties of the essential oil of clove is best experienced when it is directly applied to the infected region on the skin.

 Mild Exfoliating Agent: The bio-active compounds found in clove act as a mild exfoliating agent, that is very effective in the removal of scars and blemishes, which is left behind from acne and pimples. Further skin regeneration is promoted, which makes clove extracts an essential component for face packs and ointments.

 Rich in Anti-Oxidants: Clove is boosted with a number of anti-oxidants. Among which are Eugenol and Vitamins A and C. They prevent the skin from premature aging by protecting it from damage by free radicals.

 Treats Superficial Wounds and Rashes: Clove is bestowed with the goodness of a number of nutrients which bring about the repair of wounded tissues. Potassium and Phosphorous are two such elements which prevent bacterial growth on the skin and thus protects from infections and rashes.

 Anti Anxiety: Clove extracts promote the process of natural sleep. It further provides relief to the body from stress and anxiety. A relaxed mind has a refreshing effect on the skin, making it look young and full of energy.


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