Amazing Spices for Cardiovascular Health



Our heart is an essential organ of our body, which working together with the circulatory systems is responsible for supplying fresh blood to the various parts of the body. Malfunctioning of the heart is among the major causes of death in the civilized world.

Diseases to the heart can be of many different types, resulting from as many types of factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, a smoking or drinking habit, obesity, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, diabetes and the likes.

Common symptoms of a fast weakening cardiovascular system may include breathlessness, anxiety, unstable heartbeats, continuous coughing, and a feeling of discomfort at the chest. Once the state of the heart starts to worsen, pharmaceutical remedies, or over the counter medication is often the established norm. A disciplined lifestyle is always of the utmost importance in order to keep your heart functioning at its optimal capacities.

In this publication we present to you these amazing spices for cardiovascular health. While we hold professional advice high regards, trying out some of these alternative treatment could prove to be more than beneficial for your heart.


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Spices to Keep Your Heart Healthy



Cardamom helps with thinning of blood and thus regulates the process of blood circulation in the body. Moreover the spice contains potent free radicals which protect the living tissues of the body, specially the heart from damage by free radicals.  


Thyme is a miracle herb which contains a number of necessary benefits for our health. The anti-oxidizing properties of the herb protects the heart from the natural process of aging. Moreover the herb is bestowed with certain bio-active compounds which protects the body from a host of harmful microbes - bacteria and fungi.


Fewer organic food is as beneficial for your heart like garlic. It protects the living tissues of the heart from inflammatory damage. Scientific studies have proven to us that garlic has the capacity to lower the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL in your blood stream, besides having a therapeutic effect on blood pressure. Chewing on a fresh garlic clove on an empty stomach may have a tremendous effect in boosting your immune system.


It is another herb which has immense medicinal benefits for your heart. Certain compounds lead to the dilating of the blood vessels which in turn has a regulating effect on your blood pressure readings. The herb also provides strength to the muscles of your heart, curing frequent episodes of palpitation and regulating the overall functioning of your heart.


Cayenne is boosted with anti-oxidizing properties. Moreover it promotes the thinning of blood and thus in the process regulates its circulation. It also stabilizes your rate of metabolism, promoting weight loss and thus boosting your cardiovascular health.


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