Amazing Turmeric Masks for a Healthy Skin

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Why Skin Care is Important:

In taking care of our body we often tend to overlook the skin health. There is a lot to our body language which is determined by the health of our skin. A lifeless skin makes you feel down and low. Pollution and dust plays their part in making the skin look tired. The skin, specially of your face, over a period of time begins to age at a faster rate.


Effect of Turmeric on Your Skin:

Turmeric for its mild antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties has been long used as a natural remedy for a number of diseases. In case of the skin it also brings about a soothing and nourishing effect, leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is known as a proven remedy for acne and pimples. Application of turmeric on the skin relaxes the stretching of the skin, evens out the pigmentation and treats the effects of tanning. Turmeric used with the right ingredient is the principal trade secret of many beauticians. Moreover turmeric application is suitable for all skin types and it does not burn a hole in your pocket to experience the healthy benefits of turmeric. Read on ahead about some amazing turmeric masks for a healthy skin.


Turmeric Masks to Make Your Skin Healthy:

Rose Milk Turmeric Mask:

This mix could be made by mixing equal proportions of turmeric and fresh cream with small proportions of rose water and essential oil of rose. While making the mix care should be taken that no lumps are formed, and the mixture attains a smooth and viscous consistency. Subsequently the pack could be applied generously on the face and neck. Wash away with lukewarm water after ten minutes The face pack should be applied only for dry skin as it contains milk fats.


Yogurt, Chickpeas and Turmeric Face Pack:

The face pack could be prepared by mixing equal proportions of chickpea flour, yogurt and turmeric powder with little amount of water. The mix should have a smooth consistency and free from any lumps. Add water very carefully so as to make sure that the mix is neither too dry nor too thin.


Lemon Honey and Turmeric Face Pack:

This face pack could be prepared by using equal volumes of turmeric powder, honey and fresh lemon juice. The mix once applied should be left on for thirty minutes after which you may wash with lukewarm water.


Coconut Oil and Turmeric Face Pack:

Coconut oil may be mixed with turmeric to be made into a paste and applied as a face pack. The mix should be smooth and left on for thirty minutes after which you may gently wash it with lukewarm water.


Tomato and Turmeric Face Pack:

Tomato puree, yogurt and turmeric powder could be made into a thick paste and applied on the face specially to treat against tanning. The face pack could be left on for 30 minutes and gently washed with lukewarm water.

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