Benefits of Ginger on Obesity


ginger and obesity 

Obesity and Its Effect:

Medical science has proved that people who regularly consume ginger as a supplement or as a common ingredient in their food are at a lower risk of contracting certain chronic gastrointestinal diseases, most concerning among which is obesity. It is a medical condition in which the percentage of fat accumulated by the body is harmful for the sake of its healthy sustenance. The measure of a person’s obesity is determined by the Body Mass Index or the BMI. A number obtained by dividing a person’s weight by square of the height. An obese person is a at a greater risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoarthritis and acute depression. One out of every three person in the world is said to be obese.


Scientific Research on Effect of Ginger:

 A recent publication at the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences confirms of the effect of ginger in the control and treatment of obesity. The researchers did a cumulative analysis on the findings of a total of sixty studies.

 All the previous studies which had been conducted on cultured cells, humans and lab animals conclude in a general consensus that a number of constituents of ginger have an extremely beneficial effect in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other obesity related ailments.    

 Subject in Focus:

 The studies which were chosen for the analysis considered the various aspect of the metabolic syndrome, which basically consists of the risk factors associated with heart related diseases and type 2 diabetes. These risk factors are now known to affect a fourth of the entire population of the world.

 A lot of time and resources have been spent on the development of treatment techniques to curb the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. The drive to develop alternative cure has been given a major push as well.


The Role in Ginger in Treatment of Obesity:

Ginger is a widely used spice all over the world. Moreover its health benefits have been mentioned in most of the ancient medicinal practices. Modern science hold responsible the phyto-chemicals and anti-oxidants contained in ginger, which imparts the root with its medicinal properties.

 The administration of ginger brings about the benefits in more ways than one. Various bio-active ingredients found in ginger bring about different bodily processes like burning of excessive fat, digestion of carbohydrate and secretion of adequate amounts of insulin.

 Ginger root also contains vital anti-oxidants which inhibit the development of oxidative stress which is a natural aging process at the cellular level. It is also known to have a stabilizing effect on the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the blood.


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