Benefits of Turmeric for the Brain

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Turmeric is a Magical Spice

Turmeric is known to have magical medicinal properties. Studies have proved countless medicinal benefits of the spice. Curcumin is the main bio-active compound which is responsible for bestowing this goodness to the spice. There is however more to turmeric.

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Essential Compound which Generates New Brain Cells

Aromatic turmerone is one such component found in turmeric which is a fat-soluble compound. Recent studies conducted by German scientists on adult rats, in an artificial environment, has proved that this compound is beneficial in the synthesis of neural stem cells.

Scientific Studies in Progress

Aromatic turmerone is said by scientist to be an effective agent to bring about the regeneration of of the brain cells. Hence the specific extracts of the spice may be used in the treatment of brain degenerative diseases like stroke or Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover Aromatic turmerone aids in the clustering of neurons, which is one of the main requirement from regenerative medication.

Separate researchers are of the opinion that curcumin could be beneficial in boosting the overall memory functions of a patient of Alzheimer’s disease. However the conclusion is based on experiments done on laboratory rats. Further research needs to be conducted to affirm the effect of the compound with respect to the human brain.

Necessary Precautions:

While more extensive research is been conducted, in an effort to move from non human subjects, medical practitioners around the world are already prescribing these alternative remedies to their patients.

It is strictly recommended to seek the opinion of a professional before embarking on a course of the medication. Moreover, just curcumin extract is not enough to fulfill all the required benefits which turmeric has to offer. Plants and herbs with medicinal benefits are boosted with a number of enriching compounds. Depending on a particular extract to bestow all the benefits of the

Delaying treatment, or ignoring professional assistance on the basis of some online literature may have an adverse effect on the condition of the patient However adding a small portion of turmeric to your daily diet would only usher in its benefits into your life.

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