Benefits of Turmeric for Young Skin

turmeric for skin

Haldi is among the most common spice used in Indian cuisine. The medicinal properties of turmeric have been recognized by Aurveda as well as traditional Chinese medication. With time the medicinal and culinary uses of the spice has been applied to good effect by various cultures and traditions the world over. Here we bring for the reader certain benefits of turmeric for Young skin.

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 How Turmeric Boosts Your Skin Health

 Anti-Bacterial Properties: The anti-bacterial properties of turmeric have been popular among all traditional medicinal practices. Turmeric paste could be applied on minor wounds to prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal infections on it.

 Anti-Aging Properties: Turmeric is known to impart a toning effect to your skin, evens out wrinkles and makes it supple. Turmeric powder when mixed with honey and milk exfoliates the skin and thus brings about the cleansing of the pores. According to Indian customs, the paste of turmeric is applied to newly weds as a preparatory custom for the occasions.

 Controlling Growth of Facial Hair: Turmeric mixed with gram flour and made into a paste with milk or water could be used to control the growth of facial hair in case of women. On repeated application it may also completely stop the growth of unwanted hair. Although the remedy may not be effective in case of the thick and tough facial hair of men.

 Anti-Oxidative Properties of Turmeric: Turmeric is boosted with a number of anti-oxidants among which the most important may be said to be curcumin. These anti-oxidants prevent the skin from premature aging, by protecting it from damage by free radicals. Healthy skin promotes the generation of new cells and thus maintains the elasticity of the skin over a period of time.

 Promotes Even Pigmentation: Prolonged exposure to pollution, dust and UV rays may have an adverse effect on the skin pigmentation. Using turmeric paste on the skin would not only bring about the evening out of the pigmentation but also promote a lighter pigmentation, thus resulting in a fairer skin tone.

 Controls Oil Secretion: Turmeric is among the best known domestic remedies for oily skin. In order to maximize the benefits of turmeric, you may add sandalwood paste and orange juice to it.Controlling oil secretion would also provide treatment to acne and pimples.

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