Brigaderios - Brazilian Savory

Brigaderios - Brazilian Savory


Brigaderios is Brazilian delicacy invented some time during the year 1940. The word in Portugese means brigadier.

As legends have it the preparation was invented some time after the second world war when there was scarcity of sugar and milk.

The brigaderios is an iconic Brazilian savory, and is usually made in homes. At times it may be referred to as spoon brigaderios, when one may eat it straight out of the pot. However, rolling it up into balls is the common norm.

The more sophisticated gourmet brigaderios is available commercially in more than 50 flavors.

However we present to you the simple version prepared at homes, that has won over the hearts of the people. Read on ahead. This simple preparation is sure to win over your heart.

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Brigaderios - Recipe

  • Ingredients Required
  • 400 grams sweet condensed milk
  • 1 tablespoon margarine
  • 3 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • Sweet sprinkles for decoration

Procedure of Preparation

  • Over a medium to low flame, in a pot mix in the sweet condensed milk, margarine and cocoa powder.
  • Cook with constant stirring until the mix attains an uniform mix.
  • Pour the mix over onto a greased dish and let it cool down to room temperature.
  • Grease your hands with margarine. Take a spoon full of the mix and roll it into a ball using your palm.
  • If the balls are not formed properly, then it means that the mix is under cooked.
  • The cheap quality condensed milk are high on  
  • Roll over the prepared balls over the sprinklers, and serve.

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