Caramel Coated Delightful Frozen Apples

frozen apples

Caramel Coated Delightful Frozen Apples

It is the apple season. Apple launches its new phones and the fruit is in season in the market. The fruit section is dominated by the mythical apple.

Well if you happen to end up buying a few extra apples, it is excellent idea to toss a few into the freezer. Freezing a fruit dehumidifies the fruit and makes the natural flavors more concentrated. You may decide to hold onto your frozen fruit for times when they are not in season, or you could just experiment.

You would have to consume the fruit within some time after you take it out of the freezer if you want to savor its icy, hard texture and frozen flavors. In the extract below, we have for you the recipe for caramel coated frozen apples.It is a very easy preparation, requires basic ingredients and common spices. It would make for an excellent side preparation for breakfast. In fact a luxurious dessert at any time of the day. Read about the recipe for candy coated delightful frozen apples.

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Caramel Coated Frozen Apple



  • 4 small to medium frozen apple.

Red apples in season are generally sweet. You may throw one green apple in the mix to get that tarty taste in your snack.

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 11/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup fresh cream
  • 1 pod of vanilla
  • 1 medium sized cinnamon stick.

You may coarsely ground the spices for a stronger flavor, or keep them whole for a mild and lasting effect. When you keep the some spices whole then you may reuse them up to 2 to 3 times. Vanilla and cinnamon are examples of spices which can be reused. Both vanilla and cinnamon have an intense flavor which is retained in the whole spices.  



  • Freeze apple for at least 1 day to get the sorbet experience.
  • In a pot boil the sugar in water and spices.
  • Keep the flame low and let the pot simmer until its contents turn into a concentrate.
  • Further filter the concentrate and remove the spices.
  • Add the fresh cream and stir thoroughly.
  • Take the apples out of the freezer and using a fork dip the apples in the caramel syrup.
  • Once the coating has cooled down slice the frozen apples in quarters and serve.
  • If you are using fresh apples instead of frozen apples then you could serve them whole with a toothpick.

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