Health Benefits of Cardamom




Cardamom is the seeds contained in the pods of a number of plants which belong to the Zingiberaceae family. These plants are native to the Indian sub continent.

It is a very popular spice in the cuisine of the country of its origin. Moreover the benefits which the spice bestows to the health is in plenty, and known to mankind for eons,

Cardamom in the present times has been claimed to cure a host of ailments from  gastrointestinal and cardiovascular, to controlling the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, to having a cure for even cancer. Read on ahead about the health benefits of cardamom.


How Cardamom Benefits Our Health:


Protection Against Colorectal Cancer:

Scientific studies have proved that cardamom administered through the diet reduces the chance of contracting cancer in the colon or the rectum by as much as 48%. The spice has been otherwise found to be efficient in control of cancer at a general level.

Benefits Cardiovascular System:

Studies have shown that cardamom has a controlling effect on your heart rate, which could be used in the treatment of hyper-tension. Further independent studies have shown that some bio-active substances found in cardamom has a stabilizing effect on the cholesterol levels of mice under laboratory setup.

Used To Cure Depression:

Certain essential oils found in cardamom has been used for aromatherapy in the treatment of acute depression. Cardamom extracts have a beneficial effect on the mind through the cure of a number of stomach and heart related diseases as well.

Promotes Gastrointestinal Health:

The use of cardamom as a digestive aid has been mentioned in the Ayurveda, the ancient Chinese medicinal practices as well as the Unani system of medicine. Cardamom has some menthol extracts which is used as a remedy for a number of gastrointestinal ailments like heartburn, obesity and abdominal cramps.

Anti Infection Properties of Cardamom: 

For centuries cardamom has been used for the heat it contains, in the treatment of a number of infections. Scientific studies have confirmed that some volatile extracts in cardamom contain antimicrobial properties.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Spasmodic Properties of Cardamom:

The scriptures of Ayurveda confirms that certain volatile extracts of cardamom could be used in the treatment of pain in muscles and joints. Muscle spasms are usually contracted due to inflamed or weakened muscles and fatigue.

Cure for Dental Disease:

Ayurveda as well as traditional Chinese medication mentions cardamom’s use in the treatment of general oral problems. It is a completely natural cure and has no side effects like antibiotics.


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