Health Recipe - Green Coffee Mojito

green coffee mojito

A conventional mojito is an alcoholic beverage which consists of the five basic ingredients namely - white rum, sugar according to traditional recipe in the form of sugar cane juice,lime juice, sparkling soda water and fresh mint leaves. The recipe finds in origin in Cuba where generally spearmint or other popular species of mint which are popular in the island are used.

What makes this exotic highball an absolute favorite during the summers is the unique combination of the sweet sugar cane juice mixed with the fresh acidic taste of the citrus fruits, which together accentuates the rum hit. The traditional method to prepare this classic cocktail is to add the lime juice and mint leaves to the sugar syrup. The mint leaves are then slightly mashed in order to release it essential oils. Finally the rest of the required ingredients for the drink is added.

In this edition of our daily publication we introduce a healthy variation to the mojito. In this simple version of the famous highball the rum is substituted with green coffee beans extract.

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Green Coffee Mojito

The green coffee beans are the unroasted beans of conventional coffee. The roasting process depletes a number of essential nutrients from the beans. Thus green coffee beans and its extracts are considered an important super food, particularly effective in stabilizing the metabolic processes and bringing about weight loss.  

In order to experience and utilize the goodness of the green coffee beans, its extract needs to be obtained by grinding and boiling the ground beans. The derived extract is greenish brown in colour and has a bland, bitter taste. This is the reason the extracts of the green beans are considered more of a health supplement rather than a leisurely beverage. Read on about the recipe for green coffee mojito and acquire a taste for this extremely beneficial health supplement.


  • 100 ml of green coffee beans extract
  • 30 ml of cane sugar juice
  • Juice of 1 whole lime
  • 1 cup of coarsely crushed ice
  • 100 ml of sparkling soda water


  • Mix the green coffee beans extract with sugar cane juice and lime juice.
  • Add the fresh mint leaves and bruise them slightly using a muddler.
  • Add crushed ice and top the drink with sparkling soda water.
  • Serve chill

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