Healthy Benefits of Ginger

The ginger that we consume is renowned the world over as a spice as well as for its healthy properties. The tubular spice comes from the root of the ginger plant. It is a perennial plant with narrow green stems, that grow up to a meter tall and bears thin leaves and yellow flowers. A native of the tropical rain forest of South East Asia,ginger belongs to the same family of plants to which turmeric and cardamom belongs. 


 Gingerol is a bio-active compound which is found in the form of essential oils in ginger. The same compound is responsible for giving ginger its distinctive taste and aroma.

 Gingerol on account of been a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing agent, imparts ginger with most of its medicinal properties.


Ginger in the Treatment of Nausea and Related Sickness:

 The spice has been used in the past as a common remedy for sea sickness. In many traditions across the world ginger finds application as a cure for nausea and vomiting tendencies. It is a safe organic compound which could be administered to woman in the treatment of pregnancy related morning sickness.


Treatment of Sore Muscles:

 Soreness in the muscle may often be a result of inflammations which the body may have contracted. The strong anti-inflammatory properties of ginger ensure relief from muscle pains in most general cases. The impact that the ingredients in ginger have on the soreness may be exhaustive and slow in nature, rather than been immediate. Hence ginger could be administered as a long time remedy in the treatment of osteoarthritis. A critical case of stiffness and pain in the joints, which sets in with age.

 Ginger traditionally has been consumed by woman from a number of cultures in providing relief from abdominal pains experienced during the menstrual cycles.


Treatment of Gastrointestinal Problems:

 Ginger has been known to be a remedy for chronic problems of indigestion. It has a hastening effect on the metabolism of the system and provides relief even from a number chronic gastrointestinal problems. The benefits however may take effect over a period of time.


Control of Sugar and Cholesterol levels in the Blood:

 Ginger as we have mentioned before is extremely efficient in regulating the digestive systems of the body. The same increase in activity to the blood circulation also brings about a moderation of the sugar as well as the cholesterol levels in the blood stream.


Miscellaneous Remedies:

 Otherwise various medical studies have proved as many medicinal properties associated with ginger. Extracts from the spice have been known to be used in the therapy of a number chronic diseases. Some examples are, various types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dysfunction of the brain with age.


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By Abhro Bhattacjarjee

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