How Green should be your Green Tea

Green Tea formally a product of the oriental east, is produced from the leaves of the same plant from which Chinese Oolong tea and black tea is made . The same tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plants are made to undergo a lesser levels of fermentation and cooking as compared to oolong or black tea variety.

This miraculous confection which we know as green has taken the health conscious world by storm in the recent past. It is high in the list of super-beverages that initiates the cleansing of the system and brings about weight loss. Green tea in itself is a bio-active compound and also a potent source of antioxidants in the form of polyphenols. Antioxidants on their part brings about the burning or the oxidation process of free radicals in the system. Free radicals are nothing but semi-digested remains of food particles in our body. Besides green tea also provides stimulation to brain cells, apart from providing the brain protection against the natural effects of aging. Moreover, medical science has listed a number of categories of cancer which find their prevention and cure in Green tea. It is a burner of excess fat in the body, a keeper of health for the heart and other vital organs.

There is then again certain precautions which need be considered. Among other ingredients, green tea is a considerable source of caffeine.The leaves of the cured tea when introduced to water at boiling point may release a stronger dose of caffeine, which may not be advisable in all situations.

An excessive amount of caffeine in certain cases of old age or a weak heart may lead to irregular heart beat. Caffeine is known to be an efficient element in diabetes control. Hence people with a history of diabetes should take special care in the preparation of their tea. A high dose of caffeine may bring about a sudden drop in the sugar levels of the blood stream. A situation which should be avoided by a diabetic patient.
Otherwise, an excessive amount of caffeine in the blood stream leads to depletion of calcium from the bones by passage through urine. Hence people suffering from osteoporosis should take special care in not to boil the water in the preparation of their green tea. Osteoporosis is a condition which is commonly found among women with increasing age.

In general for someone not used to the regular consumption of caffeine, an excessive dose of the same may lead to certain situations of the stomach, with effects on the liver.

In all, a refreshing, purifying, nutritious super beverage, green tea. Best enjoyed and benefited from when consumed at the correct temperature (70 to 80 degree centigrade). A limit to the doses, specially in case of the above mentioned situations, and the benefits could be experienced by all,while still staying away from the adverse effects.




by Abhro Bhattacharjee

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