How to Make Your Cup of Coffee Taste Better

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What Makes Coffee Popular:

 Coffee is among the more popular beverages of the times. Hectic lifestyles and high expectations, what you need is a cup of coffee to get you going.

 Caffeine is the main compound which imparts coffee its invigorating properties. Otherwise it is also rich in chlorogenic acid and melanoids. Both of these compounds are beneficial for the health of your liver. They protect the liver from a host of ailments with their therapeutic properties. Coffee extracts have been known to be administered for alcohol induced liver damage.

 With all the health benefits contained in coffee, there is still the taste to consider. The taste and aroma obtained from a batch of freshly roasted and ground beans is what makes coffee the popular drink that it is today. Here we present to you certain ways to make your cup of coffee taste better.


How to Maximize the Taste of Coffee:

Taste of Fresh Coffee:

 In order to maximize the taste of coffee it needs to be consumed fresh. Frozen and dried coffee or instant coffee is not only deprived in taste but also deficient of a number of anti-oxidants contained in the beans. Grinding the beans after roasting them in optimum temperatures enhances the taste and aroma obtained from the drink, besides preserving all the nutrients contained in them.


Look for 100% Coffee:

 Most of the instant coffee that are commercially available are a mix of coffee with chicory. The percentage of chicory contained in the blend is usually mentioned in the ingredient section. Little exceeds the aroma of freshly roasted and ground coffee.


Add Some Healthy Fats:

 Some butter or some coconut oil is always a great way of enhancing the taste of your drink, and boosting it with some healthy fats like omega 3’s. The fats help you to curb your appetite if you are on a diet.


Iced Coffee:

 Iced coffee could be made with some leftovers. It lets you enjoy the taste and benefits of coffee in the summers. The coffee concoction once iced could be used with cold coffee and cream to add that extra punch to your regular drink.


Spiced Coffee:

 Cinnamon is the perfect additive to a strong brew of coffee. The spice enhances the sweetness of the drink through a combination of effects on our taste and smell sensations. Moreover spices are nutrient rich super-foods and have a host of health benefits to offer.

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