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 iced green coffee

Green coffee is the unroasted coffee beans. The dark brown appearance of the coffee beans is attained due to the roasting process. It is same roasting process which imparts the characteristic taste and aroma to our favorite brew.

However the roasting of the beans destroys a number of essential nutrients which are contained in the coffee beans. This is the reason why green coffee beans are considered as super foods. They are a rich source of anti-oxidants, besides having benefits for the heart and rate of metabolism. Green coffee extracts are considered a potent detoxifying agent and have long been associated with weight loss. For its multiple health benefits, and as well for its bitter bland taste when compared with conventional coffee, green coffee has more often been considered a health supplement rather than the refreshing beverage.

Much like green tea it is all about acquiring a taste for the drink in order to bring in its goodness into your daily lives. Including a very subtle variations to your regular brew can add a world of difference towards your inclination towards the drink. Throw in a few herbs and spices, use the boiled liquor as bitter for other drinks and green coffee is a part of your lifestyle.

In this publication we provide you the recipe for a subtle variation to the conventional green coffee. It is easy to follow using simple ingredients and might just be the change in taste that you have been looking for.


Iced Vanilla Green Coffee

Added with the goodness of vanilla to go with those of green coffee, served with lots of ice, this drink is sure to be a great chiller.



1 liter water

4 tablespoon Green Coffee Powder

2 Vanilla Pods


Lemon and Mint for garnishing


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To make the concoction put the water on boil.

Add the vanilla pods.

Add grounded green coffee beans.

Let it boil for 2 minutes under low flame.

Filter and cool.

Once the liquor has cooled down, pour it into ice cubes.

These ice cubes could be used with any cold beverage in order to impart its distinct flavor.

Ideally, in order to savor the earthy, organic taste of green coffee you may want to add the few ice cubes to a simple cooled coffee concoction.

Top it with honey if it so pleases you.

Add a piece of lemon and mint as garnish.


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