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Mace is also known by the name of javitri or javintri in the Indian sub-continent. It is harvested from the aril of nutmeg or jayphal in Hindi.

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Physical Properties

  • Mace spice is somewhat crimson in color. It is obtained from the aril or the inner membrane of seed of nutmeg fruit. Hence nutmeg and mace are 2 spices which are derived from the same source.
  • In the respect of taste, mace could be said to be of a milder flavor when compared to nutmeg. Hence chefs prefer the use of mace in recipes which require a more subtle taste.
  • Moreover mace has a higher concentrationof essential oils than nutmeg, which are responsible for the characteristic flavor and aroma which it imparts to the preparation. For this reason mace should be added to the preparation early on during the cooking so as to experience the wholesome flavor and health benefits of the spice.

Processing and Storage

  • At Prakrti Store we provide you with whole, export quality mace. It is however easier to use in the a recipe in the powdered or grounded form. In order to retain the taste and benefits of the spice we advise the you ground the spices at home in small batches.
  • You may choose to roast the mace spice on a hot pan before grounding it. This will release the moisture making the spice more crispy and help you in realizing the true taste of the spice.
  • On grounding the spice it has reddish brown color. You may even choose to pass it through a sieve for a smoother texture. Powdered mace has a very similar aroma to pepper and spicy to taste. In fact it may be used as a substitute for peppers in certain preparations.
  • When stored in an air tight container kept in a cool, dry and dark place mace could retain its flavor for up to 6 months.
  • Refrigeration is not mandatory for effective storage of the spice.

Identification of Quality

  • Freshness of the spice may be determined by its vibrant orange color and crispy texture.
  • At Prakrti products we provide to you the best export quality spices, sourced fresh from the farmers, contained in eco-friendly packaging and delivered to your doorstep at affordable prices.

 Application in Cooking

  • Mace has a very subtle taste for which it could be used extensively used in main course preparations like soups, broths, potatoes and flavored rice.
  • It imparts an orangish color to the preparation and is an excellent addition to sauces, pickles and curries.
  • As a result of its similarity to pepper, it may be used as an essential ingredient in the spiced tea or flavored milk.
  • Mace due to its niche warming taste is a popular ingredient in confectioneries like pies, puddings, cookies, cakes, breads and muffins.


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