Poached Chicken in Soy Sauce:


poached chicken in soy sauce

The poached chicken in Soy sauce is traditionally a Vietnamese dish and meant to be had with rice and tossed, assorted vegetables. Sticky noodles, porridge or pan cakes are other popular choices. This recipe uses a combination of whole spices which imparts a distinct aroma and taste to the sauce. The fresh ingredients and the whole spices provide the perfect balance and makes this preparation a must try.

 The essence of Vietnamese cuisine is to strike a perfect balance in between the five fundamental taste. The combination of spices is cooked on a fish, shrimp or soy sauce base which gives Vietnamese dishes its distinct taste. Read on ahead about the recipe of poached chicken in soy sauce.


Ingredients for Poached Chicken in Soy Sauce:

 1 whole chicken without skin

Chicken stock

1 liter or 4 cups of soy sauce

60ml or one fourth cup of rice vinegar

120 ml or half cup of fish sauce

2 tablespoon of sugar

2 tablespoon of sesame oil

1 tea spoon of five spices

(A combination of whole fennel seeds, whole cloves, Chinese cinnamon,Sichuan pepper and star anise)

3 whole star anise

1 medium to large Cinnamon stick

Knob of fresh ginger root

5 Garlic cloves peeled

8-10 fresh spring onion sliced in two

2 green chilies cut into halves

Preparation of Poached Chicken in Soy Sauce:

Put about 2 liters of water on the boil in a huge saucepan

Add all the ingredients of the stock and bring the solution to a boil. Go onto to boil the stock on low flame for another 10 minutes and reduce the solution in volume.

Now you may gently lower the whole chicken into the bowl. You may cover the saucepan with a plate in order to ensure that the chicken is evenly cooked from all sides.

Further cook on medium to low flame for about another half hour. Subsequently turn off the heat and let the chicken sit in the stock for another 2 hours.

You may then remove the chicken from the stock, cut it into pieces and serve along with rice or sticky noodles and assorted tossed vegetables.

Let the stock cool down. Keep the stock in the fridge for later use.  


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