Proven Spices for Effective Weight Loss

spice for weight loss

It is a common misconception that effective weight loss could be achieved by eating a bland diet without any spices. Spices not only impart their characteristic flavor to the preparation but also have a host of health benefits to offer.  

 Spices are mostly devoid of any calories, saturated fat and sodium. Moreover they have a satiating effect on your appetite and promote burning of fat and weight loss. Read on about these proven spices for effective weight loss.

 Amazing Spices for Weight loss:

 Turmeric: Curcumin is the active ingredient found in turmeric which has a stabilizing effect on your metabolism. With controlled rate of digestion you are made to stay away from sporadic eating, which promotes weight loss through burning of body fat.

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 Cinnamon: Cinnamon has a sweet taste and helps to control cravings for food. This super food is a must for diabetics and those looking to shed a few pounds. The spice aids in the burning of body fat,  controls the sugar levels of your body and promotes cardiovascular health.

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 Cayenne: Also known as red chilli pepper, cayenne is a warming spice that like turmeric has a regulating effect on your rate of metabolism. It promotes weight loss through utilization of the excess body fat in providing the body with the necessary energy.

 Cumin: Scientific studies affirm the beneficial properties of cumin which promote weight loss. It could be made into a concoction in boiling water and consumed daily in order to experience effective weight loss. Great to taste, cumin is among the commonest of spices to be used in cuisines across the world.

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 Ginger: Gingerol is the essential bio-active compound found in ginger, which helps to maintain the sugar levels in the blood stream. It is a warm spice which boosts the digestive functions of the body, promotes burning of excessive body fats and thus facilitates weight loss. Ginger could be consumed either fresh or dried.

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 Black Pepper: Black pepper is boosted with anti-oxidants which boosts the health of your intestine by protecting it from damage by free radicals. The warming effect of the spice aids the process of digestion and prevents the deposition of new fat cells, thus bringing about weight loss.

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