Some Lesser Known Medicinal Benefits of Cardamom


Cardamom finds its origin in the picturesque Cardamom hills of south India. It is one of the most in demand spices in the world and is cultivated in most the tropical regions of Asia, including Bhutan, Nepal, China, Malaysia, Vietnam Japan and Korea. It is In fact an integral part of the cuisine of the region.

Known as the queen among spices, cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world after vanilla and saffron. The conventional medicinal properties of cardamom are in plenty, wherein it is known to beneficial for your gastrointestinal and cardiovascular health. It improves the blood circulation in the body, alleviates mood and is known to cure oral diseases . Certain extracts of cardamom are now been used in the treatment of cancer. In this publication we discuss some of the lesser known medicinal benefits of cardamom. Read on ahead and find for your self how this magic spice can usher goodness into your lives in ways you would not have known before.

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 Unconventional Medicinal Benefits of Cardamom

 Potent Aphrodisiac

In ancient medicinal practices, the sweetness of cardamom has been believed to contain aphrodisiac properties. Certain cardamom extracts are used in the manufacture of medication which treats impotency, erectile dysfunctional disorder and premature ejaculation.

 Cure for Infection in the Urinary Tract

Gonorrhea, nephritis and cystitis are some of the common infections that may be contracted by the urinary tract. Since the time of Ayurveda cardamom has been used to cure ailments which are associated with the passing of urine. Even modern science utilizes a number of extracts of cardamom in the treatment of infections to the urinary tract.  

 Prevents Hiccups

Medical science with all its possibilities has still not been able to provide a satisfactory conclusion for the occurrence of hiccups. If not addressed immediately, hiccups could have very severe consequences for the concerned person. According to Ayurveda, hiccups could be stopped by drinking a concoction, prepared by boiling a few cardamom pods in water.


No matter how healthy a lifestyle we lead, or how much attention we pay to our diet. The natural process of metabolism results in the classification of our consumed food into toxins and nutrients. While the nutrients get absorbed into the system, the harmful toxins keep getting accumulated. Certain essential oils and bio-active chemicals found in cardamom have been known to flush out the toxins which accumulate in our body over time.

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