Spiced Honey Roasted Cashew Recipe

honey roasted cashew


The thing with cashew is that it is a delicious snack. Sometimes it may become difficult to simply stop snack on cashew nuts. Tossing up roasted cashews with a few condiments would add a refreshing change to the taste of plane cashews. It not only peps up your tired taste buds also is an amazing savory for guests. The preparation is subtly flavored with ground nutmeg and cinnamon, which accentuates the sweetness of the honey. Traces of ground black pepper and sea salt ably balances the overall sweetness of the dish. Roasting the ingredients together with the cashew nuts opens the flavor pockets of the spices and releases the essential oils, which mixes with the honey glaze and flavors the nuts.

This recipe for spiced honey roasted cashews is easy to prepare, requires basic ingredients, is easy to store and has good shelf life. Read on about the recipe for spiced honey roasted cashew.


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Sweet Snack - Spiced Honey Roasted Cashew


Ingredients Required


Raw Cashew 250 grams

Organic Honey 50 grams

Ground Nutmeg - 1 teaspoon

Ground Cinnamon - 1 teaspoon

Ground Pepper - 1/2 teaspoon

Sea Salt -1/2 teaspoon


Method of Preparation

In a large mixing bowl, pour the organic honey.

Add the ground spices (nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper) and mix thoroughly.

Add the raw cashews to the mixing bowl.

Mix gently so that the spiced honey glaze is uniformly applied on the surface of the cashews.

Grill in the oven for about 4 minutes.   

Sprinkle sea salt and toss the cashews gently.

Serve preferably warm. Keep munching.


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