The Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Coffee is ultimate wake up tool, the drink used by millions nah billions to get their caffeine fix and start the day, but did you know it all starts as a seed enclosed in a red berry. These seeds are extracted, roasted, and ground to create our coffee powder. However if just extracted and left as is, it is green in colour. In its pure form, green coffee has a low caffeine content as it has not yet undergone the chemical changes roasting introduces.

Green coffee beans have high levels of chlorogenic acid, which is known to affect post-meal blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism, curb carb absorption and block fat accumulation – all of which aid weight loss. It does this by increasing the activity of PPAR-alpha—a gene involved in fatty-acid transport and oxidation—and reducing the creation of new fat cells through its antioxidant effects.

So to list out some of its benefits:


  1. Rich In Anti-Oxidants

Due to possessing high levels of Chlorogenic acid it has strong antioxidant properties and put a check on the levels of glucose in our bloodstream while additionally prevent our skin cells from getting dented.


  1. Boosts your Metabolism

The Chlorogenic acid increases the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of our body, which minimizes excessive release of glucose from the liver into blood.  As the amount of glucose reduces, our body starts burning the stored fat cells in order to fulfill its glucose requirement. Thus it raises our fat burning capability and eventually help us shed off excess weight.


  1. Helps Improving Blood Circulation

Green coffee beans have a powerful and active aspirin like ingredient which prevents platelets in blood vessels from clustering. This results in our arteries not hardening, improved circulation, and a positive impact on our blood vessels.


All these and many more benefits are easily available by consuming Green coffee beans.

If you would like to know how to consume them, click here.


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