The Goodness of Cinnamon


What About Cinnamon?


History and Etymology:

 Cinnamon is a common spice which is mild brown in color and is obtained from the inner bark of a number of trees which belong to the general species, Cinnamomum. Cinamomum Verum, which is an evergreen shrub native to Srilanka is often known as True Cinnamon. Yet for the sake of commerce a number of related species of the plant is harvested. The plants have lush elliptical leaves and sturdy barks and branches which are the main products of the harvest. The plants also bear a berry.

 The spice is obtained by stripping open the bark. The outer part of the bark which is more woody in nature is thrown away. The inner parts of the bark on sun drying naturally rolls into market ready, totally organic Cinnamon. The word Cinnamon thus finds its roots in Latin and ancient Hebrew, and is derived from the action of stripping the bark.


The Goodness in Cinnamon:

 Like most things spices and herbs, Cinnamon has been used as a traditional cure for a host of ailments the world over, since centuries. In fact scientific studies conducted over a total of 26 spices and herbs ranked Cinnamon numero uno in the case of percentage of antioxidants, which are mostly in the form of poly-phenols, pohenolic acids and flavonoids.

 The flavor, aroma and appearance which are characteristic to the spice are a result of the oil which is present in the insides of the bark. Cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamate and Cinnamic Acid are some of the bio-active compounds which are contained in harvested bark.

 Cinnamon is low on calories and has absolutely 0% of any kind of fat, sugar or protein. Huge amounts of Manganese, and considerable quantities of Calcium, Iron and Vitamin K. This is what makes Cinnamon, the super-food that it is.


Health Benefits from The Goodness:

 Studies have found as many as 41 different types of anti-oxidants in Cinnamon. A number of these anti-oxidants provide a protective shield to the internal functions of the body, thus stopping the progress of a number of ailments which come over with the natural process of aging.

 Many of the anti-oxidants found in Cinnamon are anti-inflammatory in nature as well. Hence Cinnamon or some of its extracts could be used to treat soreness, allergies and related problems. In fact there are known to be 7 flavonoid extracts which are used in manufacture of pain relief medicines.





Abhro Bhattacharjee



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