The Importance of Cloves in Your Diet

What are Cloves?

The Clove spice as we know it, is an aromatic flowering bud of a tree which belongs to myrtle family. The dried buds could be easily distinguished by the characteristic sharp aroma and piquant taste. The everyday laung in an Indian’s life is actually a native to the Islands of Indonesia and is extensively cultivated in parts of South East Asia.

A pricey spice, even in countries where it is produced, cloves are regarded the world over as much for their medicinal values as they are for their culinary properties. Each handpicked clove bud in their lifetime turn from a palish shade of green to a vibrant red before they are harvested, sun dried,graded according to their size and dimensional appearance. Subsequently the spice is all ready to be dispatched to the market. Sales ready.

Nutrient Constitution of Cloves:


Eugenol is the important compound that imparts the characteristic aroma to the spice. It is the same compound which imparts local anesthetic as well as antiseptic properties to clove. Hence clove, finds essential application as a remedy for dental inflammations. Besides Eugenol is also known to have a stabilizing effect on the sugar levels in the blood stream of a person. The dome shaped head of the clove spice which is actually formed by the dried up enclosed petal of the bud is specially boosted with Eugenol. Explains the sudden explosion of aroma every time a clove ball pops open.

Besides there are a host of antioxidants which the spice is boosted with. Vitamin A and beta Carotene been examples. The nutrients come in the form of essential oils, tannin, flavonoids and Triterpenoids.

Cloves are thus boosted with capacity to act as a pain-killers. The upkeep of the gastrointestinal health is among other benefits which this spice provides for the upkeep of health. Certain compounds found in the spice are known to enhance the metabolism rate by stimulating the secretion of certain enzymes. Cloves are therefore effective in treatment for obesity, indigestion, intestinal parasites.

Moreover certain volatile essential oils found in cloves have the capacity bring about an expansion of the blood vessel through the application of heat generated, by the evaporation of essential oil. Accordingly cloves may prove to be remedial for the treatment of arthritis and even common muscle soreness.

A good many number of minerals, in various quantities are present in Cloves. Among others include:
1. Potassium
2. Manganese
3. Iron
4. Selenium
5. and Magnesium

Vitamins present in Cloves among others include vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and B6.


Abhro Bhattacharjee

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