Top Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

health benefits of cashew nuts

The cashew plant traces its origins to Brazil in South America. Brought into the Indian sub-continent by merchants, the nut has made its niche in a number of traditional curry recipes.

The nutrient rich nut is found at the bottom of the juicy cashew apples, which themselves are found clinging on to the branches. The cashew tree is known to grow to considerable heights in a rather hap-hazard manner. The cashew nut has a long lasting shelf life under moderate conditions and is available in the market all around the year.

The natives of south America associated a number of benefits to the cashew plants. Although most of them were to do with the leaves, bark and the cashew apple, while the nut from the plant was thrown away. Advancing medical science has with time associated a number of these medicinal benefits and more with the nut as well.

Read on ahead ahead about these incredible medicinal benefits of the cashew nut.

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Importance of Cashew Nuts in Your Diet

 Cardiovascular Health

Consumption of cashew nuts in your diet benefits your cardiovascular health. Bio-active compounds present in the nut controls the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol, and increases the efficiency of HDL or good cholesterol. Moreover the nut of cashew has been proven to have a therapeutic effect on a number of ailments related to the heart,such as oxidative stress, inflammations and vascular reactivity.

 Prevents Blood Related Diseases

Cashew nuts are boosted in copper which is a potent anti-oxidant. Copper further aids in the absorption of iron in the blood stream. A deficiency of iron in the blood stream may lead to conditions such as anemia. Cashew nuts been a rich source of copper are extremely beneficial in treating a number of blood related disorders.

 Prevents Damage to the Eye

Cashew nuts are rich in Zea Xanthin, which is an essential anti-oxidative pigment and is directly absorbed by the retina of our eyes. The pigment further forms a protective layer against the effect of harmful UV rays. The same is known to cure certain ailments to the eye related with age such as macular degeneration.

 Benefits for the Skin
The oil derived from cashew nuts are rich in a number of essential minerals, such as selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorous. They are further a rich source of anti-oxidants, phytochemicals and proteins. The above mentioned nutrients are extremely beneficial for your skin.

 Effects Weight Loss

Cashew nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are extremely beneficial for your metabolism and aids in fat burning. Moreover they are rich in dietary fiber and satiates sporadic hunger pangs, thus initiating weight loss.


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