Top Health Benefits of Spicy Food


 spicy food

Spicy food is more of a cultural thing. People based on the tradition, geography and culinary habits top their food with a host of spices. From the modest salt and pepper to the exotic spice mixes from around the world, it is a matter of choice and culture which defines the eating habits of various people.


Everybody like to spice up their humble meals in their own defined ways. Spices are an amazing way of exercising our taste buds. Moreover it is through the distinct taste of the spices that we identify with our favorite dishes from its taste and aroma.


The fun aspect of spicy food sure has a lot to be spoken about. Yet the health benefits are in plenty. Read on about the top health benefits of spices. Spice up your diet and add that extra zing to your life.


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How Spicy Food Boosts Our Health:


Aids in Weight Loss

Most spices are considered to be super-foods because of the nutrients contained in them. Moreover they are rich in dietary fiber which has a satiating effect on your appetite for long duration. You are thus made to stay away from sporadic snacking which leads to unwanted fat deposition in the body over a period of time.


Prevents Cancerous Growth

With each passing day new studies are been published which links some spice or other with cancer prevention. Although a lot of work still needs to be done in order to substantiate the claims. The fight against cancer is long from over, and spices with their host of nutrients are quite the game changer.


Cardiovascular Health

Hot spices promote the reduction of LDL or bad cholesterol from the blood stream. Hence regular consumption of spices boosts our cardiovascular health in a big way preventing the occurrence of stroke and cardiac arrest. Moreover spices in general are boosted with a number of anti-oxidants which protect the heart from damage by free radicals.


Regulates Blood Pressure Levels

Many spices like chilies, pepper and cardamom among others have a regulating effect on the blood pressure levels of the body. Studies have linked hot spices with                     having a relaxing effect on the blood vessels. Thus healthy, relaxed blood vessels promote balanced circulation of blood to all parts of the body.


Boosts Mental Health

A number of spices have been linked with alleviation of mood, reduction of anger levels and stress management. Bio active compounds found in many spices have been known to promote the secretion of happy hormones in the body.


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