Turmeric - The key to good life

Turmeric has been known in Indian culture since millennia and is considered auspicious and even holy. This is as turmeric is know to be an amazing spice used in cooking, to resolve and treat numerous health problems, and even as a dye for monk's robes.

Turmeric is widely used in Indian cooking whether it be fresh, dried & powdered, or even the turmeric leaves. It can be used to impart a color to dishes such as rice or add it's unique taste to vegetables or meat dishes. 

Curcuminoids are the main phytochemicals that give turmeric its impressive and wide-ranging health benefits including brain health, cardiovascular health, tissue health, and more.

Some of the main health benefits of turmeric are:

  •  Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent which can be used to treat multitude of cuts and burns. It accelerates the healing of the wound soothing irritation and increasing oxidation.
  • Turmeric helps resolve many stomach aliments and it has a protective effect on the stomach lining helping it to resist acidic preparations which induce ulcers. It also helps support the growth of good bacteria in the stomach.
  • It is a powerful anti-inflammatory without any side effects and enables better management of the bodies pain and aches due to it.
  • Turmeric can be used to treat a wide array of skin problems or just improve the health of your skin. It can be used as a face pack or a multitude of other applications to take care of acne, stretch marks, cracked skin, and even hair problems.
  • Turmeric is natural immunity booster and is at times recommended to be provided to children with a glass of milk to avoid catching the common cold and other viral fevers.
  • Turmeric is know to help in promoting brain health as it promotes repairs of the stem cells of the brains promoting recovery from neuro degenerative diseases like stroke and Alzheimer.
  • Additionally also Turmeric is know to promote a balanced mood and help people deal with depression by reducing the level of anxiety they feel.
  • It also helps deal with diabetes by moderating the levels of insulin and is a liver detoxifies by promoting the production of enzymes that detoxify our blood in the liver by breaking down and reducing the toxins.

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