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 At Prakrti Products we believe with all our heart, in the goodness which is contained in the unprocessed, organic products of nature. All our efforts are vested in providing our customers with the same natural goodness at affordable prices.

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 In this issue of our daily publication, we bring to our readers certain facts about Robusta coffee beans, which is the particular category of coffee that we are providing to our customers at the moment.


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Facts about Robusta Coffee:


  • Cofea canephora is the scientific name of the plant which bears the robusta coffee beans. The plants are shorter and stronger than the more conventional Arabica coffee plants.
  • As a result of their lower acidity and higher bitterness, the robusta coffee beans are extensively used in commercial setups, for instant coffee, espresso and blended coffee.   
  • The robusta coffee plant has a higher yield, is less prone to diseases and constitutes a total of 40% of total world production of coffee.  
  • Brew made from the robusta coffee beans has a richer, more wholesome, although slightly more bitter taste. This is due to the high caffeine and pyrazine content in the beams.
  • The robusta coffee beans are also richer in a number of anti-oxidants.
  • These beans are native to west-central sub arid regions of Africa. It is extensively grown in India, Brazil and Africa.
  • The robusta coffee beans which we provide to our customers at Prakrti is sourced from the hills of Coorg in Karnataka.
  • Vietnam, where robusta coffee was introduced by the French colonist in the 19thcentury is the largest producer of this type of coffee.
  • Robusta coffee is an integral part of Italian espresso culture, where it is used in blends, in measures of 10% to 15%. It gives a more whole bodied taste to the coffee.


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