About Us

The journey of finding Prakrti

Prakrti is an idea born from our travels and the extensive connections we have with the people in the hinterlands of the western ghats, and from managing our small estates.

We saw amazing spices, coffee and tea sold for a fraction of their value to middle men and traders who reaped huge profits from exporting them, all the while the local Indian market makes do with the rejected and dried spices that reach their stores.

Most  of us have never known any better, we have used dried star anise, cardamom, mace, coffee, and other produce completely devoid of any fragrance or aroma in our cooking and life. The high quality produce of the Western Ghats unlike what we usually experience have smells and fragrances that is completely unimaginable, tantalizing the senses and providing a different aspect to any dish we make. 

We wanted to try something different; to offer premium spices, coffee, and tea that India creates to Indians first,to provide you with the ability to experience the heady aromas and unmatched tastes that we were experiencing.

Hence Prakrti was born, a commitment to provide fresh and high quality produce grown at our estates and sourced directly from farms located along the Western Ghats to all our customers.

We ask you humbly to try our produce and experience for yourself what our words have tried to convey.

Thank you for stopping by and do contact us for any queries.

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